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What is Pool Gel Technology?
Flocculent “Gel” Technology is a slow dissolving filtration aid that was originally developed for the deep level mining industry in South Africa in the 1990’s. The active ingredient in filter gel works by trapping microscopic particles that would ordinarily pass through the filter medium (eg dirt, organic matter & algae spores). In essence, the regular use of Pool Gel has a "polishing" effect on the water.

How does it work?
Pool Gel contains a proprietary blend of polymers that dissolve over multiple filtration cycles to ensure that microscopic particles are removed and perfect water clarity is restored. More importantly, by removing even the finest suspended particles pool gel is able to boost the effectiveness of all other chemical activity in the pool. Once the gel has performed its function, it is simply backwashed to waste in the normal manner.

Is Pool Gel compatible with all types of filters?
Pool Gel can be used with traditional filters and filter media such as silica sand, zeolites, glass, etc. Pool Gel has been tested in cartridge filters and found to be suitable, provided cartridges are cleaned when a pressure build-up is observed or the filter becomes noticeably soiled. Pool Gel must not be used in diatomaceous earth filters.

How often should Pool Gel be used?
Usage interval varies; Pool Gels should ideally be used no more than once every backwash cycle.

Is the use of Pool Gels limited by the size of the pool?
No, Pool Gel can be used in pools ranging in size from small domestic pools to large commercial pools.

Is Pool Gel safe to use?
Pool Gel is formulated with chemicals commonly used in commercial water treatment plants and is completely non-toxic . As with all chemicals care should be taken and usage instructions followed. Slippery surfaces will be encountered if Pool Gel residue spills and becomes wet on pool surround surfaces.

How does the promotion and sale of Pool Gels benefit my business?

  • For the retailer: Pool Gel doesn’t compete directly with other clarifiers, and therefore opens up a new product category with relatively high margin potential.
  • For the valet pool service operator: By reducing average chemical consumption over time, Pool Gel helps to lower the monthly input costs for pool professionals, putting cash directly back in your pocket while promoting enhanced water clarity at the same time.
As a small / medium sized business, what will it take to have Pool Gel in my own brand?
It’s easy. As the leading global manufacturer of Pool Gel, Brand Pack is able to offer short run, individualised packaging options allowing even small business owners the opportunity to present their own individual brand image. A single pallet/skid quantity should be sufficient to get the process underway.

What are my packaging and branding options?

  • Point of Sale units Low-cost, individual, branded packs presented in a bespoke point-of-sale display unit.
  • Header card and blister packed combination Single and double treatment options can be produced allowing home-branding of printed cards and blister packs.
  • Retail carton and blister packed combination Single and double treatment options can be produced allowing home-branding of printed cartons and/or blister packs.
Can my order be individualised?
Absolutely. We can incorporate virtually any shape, size and colour requested by the client. Both blister pack and printed material can be designed to include your corporate identity.

What are the shipping options, and are there restrictions?
Pool Gel can be shipped by Sea, Air and Road, whichever proves most appropriate to suit the client’s needs, and none of the ingredients are classified as hazardous.

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